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Welcome to The Agency

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build intelligent computer agents. We do this to better society. We do this to learn about and explore computerized intelligence. We do this because its fun. Intelligence Agents for All.

This page is the home of the The Agency, the computerized intelligence club in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. If this is your first time here, please create an account by clicking the Register button on the top left of the site. You will use this account to "check in" at our club meetings and events.

Our purpose is to to provide students with the tools and opportunities to learn about the practical applications of computerized intelligence and to let them use that knowledge to gain hands on experience. We do this by working on one or more projects each semester. For detailed information on what projects we have done and are currently working on, see the Projects section below. We also connect students with teaching and research faculty, and industry professionals, through our guest speakers who provide insight into the projects that we work on and information about a variety of topics in computerized intelligence.

Club Organization


For Fall 2014, we will meet every Wednesday at 6:30PM in CCB 345, starting on 08/27.
We also meet for work sessions every Tuesday evening at 6:00PM in CCB 346. These work meetings will kick off on 09/02.


To become a member, simply check in at one of the meetings. All skill levels are welcome. All students who check into a meeting will be added to the club mailing list so that they can receive updates and announcements. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, please contact our communications officer, Emeke Nkadi.


2014-2015 Officer Elections Form

Thomas Shields - Internal Operations

Daniel Cohen - Treasurer

Emeka Nkadi - Communications

Josh Morton - Secretary




Google Docs

We use Freedcamp to manage our projects. Contact us or come to a meeting for an invitation.

Guest Speakers

We are fortunate to have some of the world's best minds in computerized intelligence at Georgia Tech, and The Agency will be hosting many of them as guest speakers. We at The Agency truly appreciate the time given to the club by professors, faculty, staff, and students in support of our mission to learn about, understand, and build intelligent computer agents.


Current Projects

Self-Driving Homecoming Car - The Georgia Tech homecoming parade is an important tradition, and The Agency plans to make an impressive contribution in Fall 2014. Last year we managed to get a remote controlled Power Wheels. This year we are making it autonomous. Come watch the parade to see the Agency's first project in action!

Past Projects

Course Scheduler - In Fall 2013 the Agency used a constraint satisfaction approach to create schedules based on course information pulled from OSCAR. The scheduler can take in a variety of requests such as class lists, start and end times, and minimum and maximum hours. The framework can support more constraints as well, and we are hoping to get some more registration data in the future to build our the scheduler even farther.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?
Just come to a meeting! See above for meeting times and locations.

How much experience do I need to join?
None at all! We accept all skill levels, and our more experienced members are available to teach concepts to those who haven't encountered them before. All we ask is that you come open to learning and working.

How can I get involved in a project?
Show up to a meeting and we can assign you to one of our project committees, which are designed to handle different aspects of each project. The committee chair can help you find a role that suits your interests and abilities.

What are club meetings like?
Each meeting is either a work day or a guest speaker. When we have a guest speaker, there will be time afterwards to discuss the subject matter presented and how it relates to our current project. On work days, we may teach a topic relevant to the current projects or split into small groups to discuss plans or tackle the code itself.

How are new projects decided?
New projects are proposed by club members at the beginning of the semester. After submissions have closed, the officers will lead a discussion on which projects club members are interested in working on. Once discussions are finished, the officers make the final decision on whether a project is accepted or rejected.

What do I do if my question was not answered here?
You can contact any of the club officers, and we will answer your question. If you do not know who to address your question to, you can send it to the communications officer, Emeke Nkadi. If the question is about how the club is run, you may be able to find an answer in our Constitution.


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